The Natural Hormone Recipe

The true scientist behind the natural hormone therapy is Dr. Bernard Rice, a Kansas City endocrinologist, who researched testosterone for many years before entering clinical practice. He came to the practice of medicine with an extraordinary scientific background in human steroid hormones.

We have worked together for approximately fifteen years. I have heard Dr. Rice's patients describe how his therapy has saved their lives, saved their marriages, and saved their sanity. These are superlative words and phrases coming from discerning, credible women who are not prone to exaggeration. Some women felt that they were being poisoned by traditional replacement drugs. Others simply accepted that feeling bad was an irreversible way of life.

The step-by-step recipe outlined in my book is the natural hormone replacement process that I follow with my patients. It covers a 6-week trial period which includes examination, lab tests, injections, and prescriptions.

It is important to follow a scientific approach to individualized treatment. You and your doctor must decide what works best for you.

Typically, women 50 years old or younger notice alleviation of symptoms sooner than women who are 60 years old or older. The latter group can expect to feel noticeable improvement after the third injection. It is quite possible that older women have become so accepting of ill health that their awareness of return to well-being is delayed.

The complete step-by-step recipe is listed in great detail in my book, "The Little Hormone Book" and is available for purchase through this web site.