Nature's Research

     Nature has conducted an ongoing study since the dawn of humankind, carefully refining and perfecting one of its most complex organisms. Our resulting body chemistry has evolved to contain the level of hormones necessary for a productive, fulfilling existence. As scientific observers, we know definitively what the levels of these hormones are in our bodies at age 25. To feel as fit and healthy as we did then, it is just a matter of returning to that stage by replenishing what was lost and returning our body’s hormones to a younger stage. However, we must replace what nature has already designed for us and not confuse the issue by using man-conceived drugs.

     By fortifying your immune system, natural hormone replacement does not increase your risk of cancer but in fact, decreases it significantly. Additionally, your skin and hair become more youthful and fingernails stronger. Irritable bowel symptoms are reduced or stopped. Recurrent Interstitial Cystitis is markedly improved. Mental acuity and memory are improved. Irritability and nervousness become a thing of the past. Joints ache less or stop aching entirely. Fibromyalgia becomes less or disappears completely. Panic attacks, insomnia, crying spells, depression, and mood swings decrease or disappear entirely. Sexual libido is awakened, and following quickly along, an enhanced general sense of well-being occurs.

     In my experience, I have found the following to be generally true:

-Out of 100 patients, one may feel worse. I can’t explain this. If she does, the negative symptoms will resolve in just a few days.

-Another five will feel no change.

-The remaining patients will feel better, frequently dramatically better.

-Most of these patients will say that the natural hormone replacement therapy caused a significant or very remarkable positive change in the way they felt.

     In my practice, I hear this phrase frequently:
"... I feel such an increased sense of well-being. This has changed my life!"

Patient Note

     Certainly in natural hormone replacement ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. Therapy has to be individualized.  Your program must be customized for your specific needs and may need to be adjusted as health requirements change. This isn’t difficult once you start on the treatment.

     You may experience some breast tenderness at first. This will go away in just a few days. Remember, you do not have to endure one negative thing. Just identify the problem and change that part of your hormone blend.

     Natural estrogens are not carcinogenic, they do not cause cancer, but estradiol might stimulate an already existing cancer of the breast or uterus. We now know that cancers occur because an altered immune system allows them to occur. Natural hormone replacement therapy keeps your immune system healthy and can offset a family propensity to cancer.

     The only reasons NOT to try natural hormone replacement are:

1. Already existing breast cancer or uterine cancer, or

2. Undiagnosed abnormal uterine bleeding.

     Incidentally, since we do know that there is so much benefit to natural hormone replacement, research is currently being conducted to determine what can be safely taken by the woman who has already had breast cancer. Why should she be denied the great benefits of hormone therapy for the rest of her life if this can be avoided?  There is mounting evidence that hormone replacement therapy is safe in the majority of women who have had breast cancer or uterine cancer.

     More than fifty epidemiologic studies have failed to demonstrate a detrimental impact of replacement estrogen use on the incidence of breast cancer.  Also, a positive family history of breast cancer does not pose an increased risk for the development of breast cancer in hormone replacement therapy users.

     Regarding uterine cancer: The vast majority of gynecologic oncologists (cancer specialists) approved of using estrogen replacement therapy in patients who had been treated for early stage and low-grade uterine lining tissue cancer.

     This is based on many studies which have shown estrogen replacement to be safe in selected low-risk patients.

     There are many factors to consider and consultation is always appropriate with the woman’s oncologist or cancer specialist.

Birth Control and Pregnancy Note

     Natural hormone replacement therapy does not provide birth control. Birth control pills should not be taken along with this therapy. Barrier contraception, i.e., diaphragm/condom or permanent birth control, i.e., tubal ligation/vasectomy should be considered.

     These hormones should not be taken if you are pregnant. 


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