Patient Testimonials

     As you begin your hormone replacement program, you may notice improvement in some of your symptoms almost immediately. Other symptoms may lessen or disappear as hormone levels are restored to a normal range, usually within six weeks.

     You can objectively evaluate your body’s response by regularly referring back to your original “Symptom Checklist”.  You can actually see marked improvement on several if not all symptoms as your treatment plan progresses.

     Women on natural human hormones are amazed at how quickly their body responds. Below are actual statements from my patients, ranging in age from 27 to 80. They are organized into three categories:

Group 1: No Surgery

Group 2: Hysterectomy with One or Both Ovaries Remaining Intact

Group 3: Hysterectomy with Both Ovaries Removed

     Remember, symptom relief is based upon the extent and duration of your individual hormone level depletion.

     Note: Patient names have been changed.

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